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Japanese Straightening

The safest and most effective system for straightening, iStraight System is a permanent hair straightening (Thermal Reconditioning) system that utilizes 3 solution strengths, each tailored for different types of hair. Whether the difference is in hair texture, curl type, or condition (such as highlighted, bleached, or even pre-relaxed hair types), there is a solution to meet the specific needs of each individual. STRAIGHT, SHINY, SILKY, BEAUTIFUL HAIR. iSTRAIGHT SYSTEM.

iStraight System Steps

    1. Consultation and Analysis
      The stylist will assess the hair type and condition. This is an important step for the stylist and the client to discuss the history of the hair. If you have had any chemical processes on the hair such as Color, Highlight, Bleach, Perms, Brazilian Keratin treatment, etc., you should let the stylist know to assess and assist in choosing the correct solution and process for your hair type.

    2. Shampoo & Pre-Perm Treatment
      Innosys Clarifying Shampoo will be used to remove any excess build up and residue from styling products and prepare hair for iStraight. Next, dry and damaged areas of your hair will be protected with Pure Keratin, a pre-perm treatment spray. Highlighted and bleached areas will receive additional protection from a thin application of the Reaction Treatment B3

    3. Straightening Cream Application, Processing & Rinse
      iStraight System straightening cream (Max, Normal or Mild) will be applied and left on to process. This is where the transformation begins and the hair will be ready to be restructured. After a certain time, the stylist will test the hair and when it’s ready for the next step, the solution will be rinsed off completely.

    4. Blow Dry, Mid Treatment
      After towel and partial blow dry, Ceramide Serum (heat protector) will be sprayed all around and the hair will be blow-dried 100%. Ceramide Serum will help strengthen the protein links and protect the hair from the heat of the flat iron.

    5. Ironing
      The hair will be ironed in sections using a professional hot flat iron with temperatures ranging between 280°F to 400°F depending on your hair type and condition.

    6. Neutralizing, Rinse & Post Treatment
      The Neutralizer will be applied all over the hair to lock in the straightness and re-bond the hair to its new structure. Soon, it will be washed off and Reaction Treatment B3 will be applied to the hair as a conditioning treatment rinse.

    7. Blow Dry & Finish
      The stylist will blow dry your hair, apply Pure Essence Oil to lock in moisture and protect the hair from any touch up ironing / styling.

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